‘We Are Fine!’

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  It’s been eight years since the moment that shook their lives forever.

  Cheng Piyi,45,has started all over again in Chengdu,capital of southwest China’s Sichuan Province,leaving the resettlement site and unemployment behind.

  From 5 a.m.to midday for six days a week,Cheng drives a food delivery truck for a company opened by his brother-in-law.His wife,Huang Guiqiong,44,also works there as a secretary.

  They cook,shop,relax with friends and head back to their hometown in Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County,120 km from Chengdu,every other weekend.Life seems typical of any other family,but the day of May 12 left a deep scar that even time cannot heal--they are survivors of the 8.0-magnitude Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008 that killed more than 80,000 people.

  When the shock occurred on that May afternoon,their building’s foundation collapsed,violently shaking them from the third to second floor.Cheng immediately pulled his wife and 4-month-old son from the wreckage.They tried in vain to find their 10-year-old daughter during the evacuation,but her school had been buried under the disintegrating hillside.

  In May 2009,one year after the incident,Cheng told Beijing Review that he hoped to move from the quake resettlement site to a new town as soon as possible,with his wish finally becoming true in 2011.The family moved into an apartment in the newly constructed Erma Residential Complex in Beichuan County,having participated in the lottery allocation for surviving families.

  Erma in the Qiang language means “we.” The complex has over 6,000 apartments,designed specifically for survivors from the 2008 tragedy.The 106-square-meter flat includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms,while their son Dorjee enrolled at a kindergarten a mere 10-minute walk away.

  “We really appreciate what the government has done for us,because we never thought of relocating at the time this tragedy struck,” Cheng said emotionally.

  “I am looking for a job.To live in the resettlement complex with a job or to live in the new home unemployed,I prefer the latter,” Huang said.“The new town is still under construction.I believe our life is getting better.”

  In 2011,Cheng’s aunt recommended him a job.He’s still there now.

  “It was extremely tough at first because I had never been to Chengdu before,not to mention drove a car,let alone a truck,” Cheng told Beijing Review.

  He woke up at 3 a.m.to follow colleagues on their delivery routes and jot down information.“I have to move on to make a better life for my family,” he noted.

  Huang’s parents take care of Dorjee,now a grade-two student.“We use live chat every day and I inspect his homework.He is a self-disciplined kid,” she said proudly.“He is great!”

  The Chengs visit their original home where they lived for decades to honor the memory of their deceased daughter Huang Yilin.

  “I am satisfied with my life.I wish my family good health,and our situation is getting improving.We hope to pay off the mortgage as soon as possible so we can go to Beijing for a holiday.That was also on my daughter’s bucket list,” Cheng said.

  By Chen Ran

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